Deck Care Pressure Washing

Power Pressure Washing

We provide HEATED commercial pressure washing. We feature high rise pressure washing capabilities. We pressure wash concrete, pre-cast stone, and limestone to name a few surfaces that can be effectively cleaned.

We want to be your commercial pressure Pressure Washing Walkway Paverscleaning company of choice, that is why we take pride in our 250 degree heated pressure cleaning service, and make sure the high pressure water cleaning is effective.

When compared to other commercial pressure washing companies, our pressure washing services and pressure washing prices often supersede the competition. When you are looking for commercial high pressure washing services, give us a call for a no obligation quote, and receive our pressure washing cost associated with performing your individual project.

We can utilize our high tech, high pressure washing equipment to provide steam washing services which remove stubborn stains that cold water pressure washing machines can't reach. Typically we can bring a heated pressure washer to your site on our mobile pressure washing unit for the same price as a cold water washer.

Customer Review:
5 Star Review"The pool deck was pretty dirty and there were areas that would not come clean. We called Ross at Green Tech and he was able to remove the stains and dirt. Because they vacuum the water at the same time we didn't have to worry about the water in the pool. I tried several times with my own pressure washing but was not able to get is as clean. So now this is a part of our regular pool opening." - Dan G., Palm Harbor, FL 34689
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