Leather Cleaning

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

It is very important that you entrust your leather upholstery to a knowledgeable, conscientious leather cleaning expert. Different leather pieces require different cleaning methods and different cleaning products. If treated improperly, leather will lose years of its life. We know our customers value their leather and want only the best quality cleaning that keeps the long-term condition of their furniture in mind.

Beware of the improper cleaning methods Leather Furniture Upholstery Cleaningout there that use cheap harsh chemicals that strip leather of its essential natural oil. Such abuse causes leather to dry out and harden. The drier leather becomes, the more brittle its surface and the more cracks will appear. Improper cleaning can literally be worse for your leather furniture than not cleaning them at all. In contrast to such a method, we use a mild cleaning solution as our base and then customize it depending on your specific leathers needs. We also use specialized non-damaging cleaning brushes that are gentle and yet very effective at reaching and removing deeply imbedded soil, dust, atmospheric pollutants from leathers nooks and crannies.

We use three different leather cleaning methods because there is no one-size-fits-all leather cleaning method. Most leather can be cleaned with moisture, but other require dry cleaning. Still other types of leather can only take gentle hand cleaning. If a unknowledgeable company uses the wrong method on your leather, serious damage can result.

We only have experienced technicians that are knowledgeable about the many different kinds of leather. By knowing precisely the characteristics of your specific leather, they will expertly discern the method that will yield you the best cleaning results while protecting the leathers integrity. We have restored countless leather pieces that were even 10+ years old so well that our customers maintain that they look the same as when they brought them home from the showroom. The results will astound you. Even six month old leather pieces can show huge improvement after our detailed cleaning.

Customer Review:
5 Star Review"My husband has a leather recliner that he uses everyday. There were some areas that had discolored with use, especially on the arm rest. Ross spent over an hour going over the entire chair and the new look was astounding. The arm rests and leg rests were completely clean and the chair looked brand new." - Dan G., Palm Harbor, FL 34689
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