Dust Mites and Mattress Cleaning

Guess whos been sleeping in your bed?

You exposed to up to 2 million Dust Mites in your mattress!

 Isn’t it interesting that while we spend a 1/3 of our lives in bed, but might never consider cleaning our mattress. Your mattress might be one of the most soiled and bacteria laden surface in your home. Think about it!

 Here are some facts you may not want to know about Dust Mites – But are important to your health.

• Did you know that approximately eight out of ten Asthmatics are allergic to dust mites?
• Dust mites feed off of you dead skin cells and are present even in the most clean homes.
• They are so small that nearly 1000 of them can fit on a pin head, here are a few facts.
• A dust mite produces 200 times its body weight in excrement during its life.
• Ten percent of you pillow is made up of dead skin and dust mites.
• The dust mites favorite breeding and living space is the mattress, dust mites like a moist, dark environment, especially when a good food supply is available - dead skin.
• This tiny trouble maker will arrive on anything he can, material, hair, feathers, soft toys, just as long as he can arrive safely on your mattress.

 It's a known fact, every home has dust mites.

Allergies resulting from dust mites include wheezing or tight chest, Itchy or watery eyes, blocked nose passages, sneezing, asthma, sinus symptoms, eczema and hay fever. Would you believe that dust mite excrement and skin particles can equal up to a pound per year in a mattress?

 The Solution – A Professional Anti-Allergen Mattress Cleaning.

• Thoroughly vacuum all surfaces removing Dust Mites and their fecal matter..Santizing Mattress
• Pre-spay with a Green shampoo. The shampoo will then be agitated into the surface removing odors and spots.
• The shampoo will then be removed with steam extraction.
• Then we will treat your clean, sanitized mattress with a Allergy Relief Treatment.
• We will then make a final treatment with a sent-free deodorizer.

Our Sanitizing Process

We use a high power commercial HEPA vacuum to vacuum the mattress pad and surrounding area.

Next, we extract the pad, using our hot dry foam extractor which has hypo-oxygen that will extract and kill the dust mites, dander, dust mite waste and body oils.

You are left with a clean, comfortable area to rest and sleep. Less allergens mean more comfort and easier breathing.

If youre suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, Inflammation of the Mucous Membranes, Eczema, Itchy Red Eyes, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches and other Allergy related conditions, the culprit could be the millions of Dust Mites living in your mattress. Theres only one way to destroy and remove them. You need to call the mattress cleaning and sanitizing professionals today.

Customer Review:
5 Star Review"With the cost of a new quality mattress over a thousand dollars we were not looking forward to replacing it. The mattress was in good shape but did need a cleaning. We were pretty surprised at the amount of dead skin that was removed. It came out as a fine powder. We also had Ross treat it with an anti-allergen while he was here." - Rebecca G., Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
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