Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Restore the Beauty of Your Tile and Grout.

We provide tile and grout cleaning and restoration services for ceramic, porcelain, slate, travertine, granite, marble and all other types of tile, grout, stone and hard surface flooring. At Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning you can be confident that all your tile and grout cleaning will be done to the highest quality standards. Our tile and grout cleaning service uses a professional truck mounted steam cleaning machine to deep clean and sanitize your tile and grout. We use a state of the art powerful truck mounted cleaning system. Combined with our effective tools, cleaning solutions and techniques we are able to deliver a deep cleaning of tile and grout.

Effective Cleaning Solution for Tile and Grout Cleaning.

The first step is to treat the tile and grout lines with a highly effective cleaning solution specificity formulated for the removal of stubborn stains and soil deeply embedded in the grout. This tile and grout cleaning solution immediately begins to break down and loosen soil with enzymes. Although this green and eco-friendly, it is extremely effective in removing years of build-up. The tile and grout cleaning solution is allowed to dwell and if needed is then agitated into the grout lines.

High Heat further breaks down soil.

Our system delivers a constant high heat flow of water, 220 degrees. This heat kills bacteria and germ on contact. The heat that is generated by our 365,000 btu on demand system sanitizes the tile and grout cleaning solution and activates the enzymes further breaking down the soil.

High Pressure and Powerful Vacuum.

The super heated water is pumped under Tile spinner cleaning in use high pressure, 1200 psi thru a specialize tile and grout cleaning spinner tool. The heat, pressure and spinning action of the tool flush the water over the surface or the tile and into the grout lines. This water along with the soil are then recovered with a powerful 28 hp vacuum system into a holding tank on our truck.

Green Tech's tile and grout cleaning system emulsifies and extracts years of dirt, grease, grime and old excess cleaning agents from your tile and deep within the pores of your grout. We use only professional eco friendly green tile and grout cleaning products and our cleaning and extraction process ensures that all remaining cleaning agents are thoroughly rinsed and extracted from your tile and grout.

Customer Review:
5 Star Review"We moved into our house 6 years ago and have never had our tile and grout professionally cleaned before. It was the first time we ever hired a professional service for this type of work and we are glad we called Ross at Green Tech. They were not the cheapest quote that we got, but the service and the cleaning exceeded our expectations!" - Lois G., Palm Harbor, FL 34682
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