Professional Carpet Cleaning

Deep Cleaning of Carpets

At Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we understand that you want your carpet thoroughly clean without a sticky residue or long dry times.

Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning knows that a healthy home starts with clean carpets. Nothing cleans more thoroughly or protects your investment better than the Green Tech's steam cleaning method, also known as hot water extraction. Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your home clean, fresh and healthy. Hiring a professional may be the safest, fastest, and easiest option.

Owner / Operator on every job:

Ross, the owner / operator of Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning has a growing reputation for the highest quality in carpet cleaning. We have a very thorough carpet cleaning system for the maximum soil and spot removal. We use a truck mounted system with high heat, 220 degrees, the correct amount of water pressures, 400 psi and an incredible power 28 hp vacuum. This professional equipment combined with our experience and technique ensure that your are getting the best possible carpet cleaning in your home. The high heat kills dust mites on contact. The heat water then flushes the carpet while the vacuum removes the soil, dust mites and other allergens.

Many carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals in their carpet cleaning process or inadequate portable equipment. Even though much of the chemical, dirt and water is removed, a significant portion of the chemical remains in your carpet, attracting more dirt and bacteria. This is the first question you should ask any carpet cleaning company, “Do you use truck mounted equipment”, if the answer is “No” your should begin interviewing new companies. Green Tech has made a large investment in equipment in order to bring their customers the deepest, most healthy clean possible. Because of the green seal certified cleaning solution that we use, there will not be any sticky soil attracting residue or excessive amounts of moisture behind.

Quick dry time:

With the use of our powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning system, tools, cleaning solution and technique we are able to achieve very fast dry times. This is a very important consideration in the carpet cleaning process. If the carpet is over wetted during the cleaning, or if water is left in the carpet or padding, mold may result. Our system recovers over 95% of the water used. With the addition of air mover during and after cleaning you can expect clean, dry carpet in a matter of a few hours.

Customer Review:
5 Star Review"We are very pleased with the cleaning of our carpets and would definitely use your company again. Ross came to our house was very friendly, professional, and worked in a very quick and efficient manner. I would recommend Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning to my friends or family." - Gayle W., Palm Harbor, FL 34683
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