Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional Tile and Grout Line Cleaning in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning are experts in our industry, and offer service in Palm Harbor, Florida. Green Tech uses a powerful tile and grout cleaning system that will safely remove built up dirt and grime to return your tile and grout surfaces to like new condition. With our truck mounted system, tools and tile and grout cleaning method you will be able to watch the tile lighten up from dirt you never new existed on the tiles you thought were clean. Watch the grout lines return to the original color in your Palm Harbor home. You will feel a great sense of freshness and clean knowing the floors in your home are also sanitized with our process.

Soil is Removed From Deep Within Grout Lines.

Dirt gets trapped in the pores of your tile and grout which makes the surfaces look dark and dirty. This can be impossible to remove with traditional cleaning methods.
Tile and grout cleaning is not meant to be a do-it-yourself activity and should be left to a tile and grout cleaning service professional. After years of use, dirt will fill the grout lines and the tile will become dingy and discolored in your Palm Harbor, Florida home. When homeowners try to clean their own tile and grout lines with a mop and toothbrush but only has poor results. For a deep down clean of both the the tile and grout lines your need both professional grade cleaners, but also the high heat and high pressure that only a company such as Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning can provide.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing of Tile and Grout Lines.

With our powerful truck mounted system we are able to combine effective green, eco-friendly cleaning solution with high heat and pressure. Our system develops and maintains 220 degrees of hot water cleaning force. We then run this extremely hot water under 1200 psi of pressure to a special tile and grout cleaning spinner that is specially designed for this process. This spinner tool creates agitation further loosening the dirt deep from within the grout lines. The super heated water is forced deep into grout lines removing years of build up soil and grime from your Palm Harbor, FL home. The rinse water, along with the cleaning solution and dirt is vacuumed directly back to a holding tank on our truck for later disposal. You are left with clean and sanitized floors that are restored to their original beauty that you can be proud of in your Palm Harbor, FL home!

Customer Review:
5 Star Review"Ross arrived on time and got right to work. They placed floor mats from the garage to the area they were working on. My husband and I were pretty impressed with the equipment and attention to detail. We were more then happy with the results and will use them for carpet cleaning in the spring." - Denise F., Palm Harbor, FL 34685
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