Carpet Stain Removal Tip

Carpet Stain Removal Tip.

With the right techniques and products, this should be an easy task for most homeowners in Holiday, Florida. The best way to approach proper carpet cleaning and maintenance is preventative and regular maintenance with professional carpet cleaning. If you take good care of your carpet, in the long run you will save a lot of money over replacement.

When you do have a stain in your carpet most homeowners make the mistake of further rubbing the stain into the carpet fibers. This is the last thing that you want to do and will only make the stain worst. Do not rub it with a lot of pressure, this can cause it to smear and become permanent. You first want to gently blot the freshly spilled stain with a blotting towel and remove the majority of the liquid.

When you are trying to remove the stain with this carpet stain removal tip, make sure you do it correctly and effectively. Stains that are not properly treated tend to reappear at the surface of your carpet and is called wick back.
It’s always better to clean the stain when it’s fresh. You always want to start with the less aggressive method and cleaning solution. This is a really great carpet spot removal tip: Blot the stain or spill with a white towel. After you have removed some of the material that created the stain and transferred it to the white towel you want to experiment on the towel – not your carpet.

After removing as much as possible or the stain with your white cleaning towel and have tested the stain on the towel you can begin to treat the stain itself. Remember you do not want to use a lot of pressure. You will only press the stain further into the fibers and padding of the carpet.

Hot water and Liquid Dish Washing Detergent.
Your first cleaning solution that you should is a simple mix of equal parts liquid dish washing detergent and hot tap water. Wet your blotting towel and begin to gently blot the stain up working from the outside towards the center. You don’t want to work the stain in a bigger area with this carpet spot removal tip. Turn you towel over and use the areas of your towel that do not have any stain on it. As your blotting towel become saturated with the stain switch to a new towel. You may have to use several towels before you are done.

You can use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stain quickly but do not use this method until you have first tried the above solution of liquid dish washing detergent and hot water. Apply it by pouring some onto a clean towel or other cloth. You can also use paper towels for this method as well, just make sure to change them more regularity as they are not as absorbent as blotting clothes. Make sure you use white because you do not want to transfer dye from the towel to your carpet. Just blot it until as much stain is removed. Don’t spread the stain by blotting in different directions.

For general maintenance of your carpet nothing is more important then a frequent and regular vacuuming. A regular vacuuming will remove the majority of dry sands and soil. These sands and soils become trapped in the carpet fiber and become abrasives. These abrasives will lead to pre-mature replacement of your carpeting. Most carpets do not wear out, they “ugly out” first with out proper maintenance.

While regular vacuuming will remove most dry soil you will need periodic professional carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleanings remove not just additional dry soil, but with the use of special pre-treatments will also remove oily soils. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method, also know as steam cleaning will also remove the dust mites, dander and other allergens deep from within the carpet fiber and padding.

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