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Help keep the carpets clean in your New Port Richey, FL Home

How To Clean Up Almost Any Spill Quickly With A Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner As people spend more time working and spending less time in their New Port Richey Florida homes, the importance of being able to care for one’s belongings easy and quickly becomes more important. People don’t want to spend their days off from their [...]

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Clean The Bathroom The Easy Way This is one of the worst jobs inthe whole house and no one wants to be the one to do it. There is hairspray all over, toothpaste stuck to the sink, the mirror is all streaky and we won’t even talk about the toilet.  We already know that we aren’t going to [...]

10 tips for a Greener clean

10 tips for a Greener clean We have all heard the global warming warnings and there is no better time to go green than right now. The following are 10 tips to help you clean in a more greener and environment friendly way. 1. Buy versatile cleaners You do not need to buy acleaner for every single cleaning task [...]

Green Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips

Green Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips Here are some simple green eco-friendly cleaning tips and cleaning solutions. Simple, we only need 4 ingredients to clean most items in our home. Green and economical: distilled white vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon juice. All environmental friendly items will make up our cleaning kit for this green cleaning tip. [...]

Floor Cleaning Tips

Floor Cleaning Tips and Techniques. Winter is finally over and spring is a arriving. Time to start the spring cleaning ritual. We have been out walking around in the snow, sleet and other bad weather. Those winter boots have been bring dirt, mud and salt into all of the corners of your home. Here are [...]

Maintenance Tip for Tile and Grout Lines

Tip for the Maintenance of Tile and Grout In Your Home’s Baths Between Professional Cleanings. This tip is not intended to replace the need for a professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in your home’s baths. Only a professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Company have all the specialized tools and techniques for the deep sanitizing clean [...]

Tips for the Prevention of Mold in Your Home

Tips for the Prevention of Mold in Your Home. Follow this simple tips for the reduction and prevention of mold spores, a allergen in your home. First and most important is the reduction of humidity and build up of moisture. The two biggest problems areas being both the kitchen and baths. Because both mold spores [...]

Removing Dust Mites and other Allergens From Your Home.

Removing Dust Mites and other Allergens From Your Home. If you are your family members suffer from allergies, your first step is to rid your home of accumulated dust and dirt. Improving the air quality of your home can have a direct impact on your family’s health. These steps are especially helpful for those in [...]

De-Clutter Your Garage

De-Clutter Your Garage One of the most overlooked and cluttered areas in our home is our garage. We tend to use this space as a catchall for everything else that we do not want to clutter the rest of our home. If you look around your garage you are sure to just about anything including [...]