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Tips for maintaining the hardwood floors in your New Port Richey, Florida home.

Simple but Effective Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors Hardwood is one of the best materials for home flooring because of it’s elegance, beauty and durability. Homes with hardwood floors are often considered to have class and style that definitely create an impression of refinement and even affluence. Because of this a lot of people [...]

New Port Richey, Florida Home Cleaning with Pets

Millions of people have dogs and cats for pets and love them dearly. However, keeping your New Port Richey, Florida home clean with a pet or two in the family can be a challenge. Pet hair, dirt, muddy paws and accidents are all a fact of life when you own a dog or cat. Here are a few [...]

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Clean The Bathroom The Easy Way This is one of the worst jobs inthe whole house and no one wants to be the one to do it. There is hairspray all over, toothpaste stuck to the sink, the mirror is all streaky and we won’t even talk about the toilet.  We already know that we aren’t going to [...]

10 tips for a Greener clean

10 tips for a Greener clean We have all heard the global warming warnings and there is no better time to go green than right now. The following are 10 tips to help you clean in a more greener and environment friendly way. 1. Buy versatile cleaners You do not need to buy acleaner for every single cleaning task [...]

Floor Cleaning Tips

Floor Cleaning Tips and Techniques. Winter is finally over and spring is a arriving. Time to start the spring cleaning ritual. We have been out walking around in the snow, sleet and other bad weather. Those winter boots have been bring dirt, mud and salt into all of the corners of your home. Here are [...]

Maintenance Tip for Tile and Grout Lines

Tip for the Maintenance of Tile and Grout In Your Home’s Baths Between Professional Cleanings. This tip is not intended to replace the need for a professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in your home’s baths. Only a professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Company have all the specialized tools and techniques for the deep sanitizing clean [...]

Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips

Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips. If it has been a year or more since you cleaned your carpets professionally cleaned, then may have noticed that your rugs and carpets don’t appear fresh and clean.. You may have kids and pets that track in extra dirt and germs, or maybe your carpet has an assortment of spills [...]

Carpet Stain Removal Tip

Carpet Stain Removal Tip. With the right techniques and products, this should be an easy task for most homeowners in Holiday, Florida. The best way to approach proper carpet cleaning and maintenance is preventative and regular maintenance with professional carpet cleaning. If you take good care of your carpet, in the long run you will [...]

Removing Oil Based Paint From Carpet Tip

Oil based paint carpet spot removal tip: If you have spilled some oil based paint on your carpet and you don’t know what to do next, this article should help you. We are a professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning Company, Green Tech. OK, it’s done. Somehow or another the oil based paint got there, now [...]

Top 10 List of Harmful Chemical Cleaners That May Be In Your Home.

Top 10 List of Harmful Chemical Cleaners That May Be In Your Home. Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Holiday, Florida has presented the Top 10 List of of harmful or dangerous chemical cleaners that may be in your home or office. We all like to keep our homes as clean as possible. This [...]