Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips.

Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning, 3600 Westminister Court, Holiday, FL 34691 presents these helpful and simple spring cleaning tips. We hope this useful list helps you get your home in order for the spring cleaning season. So remember the quicker you get your house clean, the sooner you can get out of the house and enjoy the weather with your family.

You already have a very effective cleaning machine sitting in your kitchen, the dishwasher. You can use your dishwasher to clean many other items besides just dishes. Put refrigerator draws, light fixtures, air duct covers and other hard to clean items. This is a lot faster and easier then cleaning them by hand. It will also save water.

Simply put a microfiber cleaning cloth in your pocket and keep it you. As you are walking around your house you can use the cloth for picking up dust in comers and other areas that you are walking past regardless. Add a little water and these cloths are great for picking up a variety of messes in the home. Best part is when you are done with the cloths just throw them in the washer machine for next time.

Is there gum in your carpet? Use this easy spring cleaning tip. Simply take a piece of ice and place it on the gum spot. Let it freeze and while it is still frozen simple remove it with a butter knife. It will lift right off the carpet!

Remove all the steaks and fingerprint marks from you windows and other glass surfaces with newspaper and Windex. There is nothing more effective then newspaper. It does not leave any streaks. If you would like to use a green cleaner in replace of Windex, use this simple recipe: Mix 1/4 cup vinegar with 1 quart of water in a spray bottle.

Involve your whole family. Ask the kids to do simple chores. This will make everyone in the house involved and give them a sense of accomplishment as they see the house becoming more and more clean. Teach them these spring cleaning tips and they will be able to use them when they have their own homes. Make a list and check it off as they go along. Make the prize for completing the list a trip to the park or other family activity.

It may be time for a new toothbrush anyway, don’t throw away your old one. Use it clean tight spaces around the faucets around the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen. Under and around range tops. There are many tight corners in your home where this makes a great spring cleaning tip. Also you have re-purposed this item and have reduced landfill.

One more simple spring cleaning tip and it’s Green! The windows may have been shut for months during the cold months and the stale air has trapped unpleasant odors in your homes carpets and upholstery. Simply place bowls of vinegarĀ  in the areas where you have odors. If you like you can also add lemon juice or other oils to the vinger to give the rooms a pleasing scent.

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