Removing Oil Based Paint From Carpet Tip

Oil based paint carpet spot removal tip:

If you have spilled some oil based paint on your carpet and you don’t know what to do next, this article should help you. We are a professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning Company, Green Tech.

OK, it’s done. Somehow or another the oil based paint got there, now lets discuss how we can remove it with these carpet spot removal tips. We if possible want to avoid the cost of replacing with new. Time is of the essence and you really want to get busy right away. This is going to be much harder then removing water based latex paint, but it can be done with some time and patience.

Solvent for Removal of Oil Based Paints
Unlike water based paints we can not use soapy water for this carpet spot removal tip. Regretfully we are going to need a solvent solution for this carpet spot removal tip. You have a choice for the job of either mineral sprints or turpentine. Before you begin using either solvent you should have already removed the majority of the paint while it was still wet. While the paint is still wet use a blotting cloth and gently mop up as much paint as possible. Do not use pressure, you do not want to further push the paint into the carpet fiber and nap. Now that there is only a thin layer of oil based paint left you can now use the solvent to remove the remaining paint.

Dampen either a blotting cloth or sponge. Gently nap the remaining oil based paint until it begins to loosened. As it loosens it will begin to transfer to the blotting cloth. Keep on using this method replacing the blotting cloth as it becomes for this paint spot removal tip.

Now you want to be able to remove both the remaining paint and solvent from the carpet. Mix equal parts dish washing liquid and hot tap water. This is a very important step in this paint spot carpet removal tip. You do not want to leave any solvent in the carpet fibers or padding of the carpet.

Even with the best effort and technique used above, more then likely there will still be a discoloration or stain. At this point you may want to use the services of a professional carpet cleaning service. They will be able to remove the remaining paint using hot water extraction, but even then you will still have a spot. You can either have a carpet repair done where a small section of carpet is removed from a closet or other inconspicuous area and patched into the carpet stain. The patch that was removed is then replace into the area of the donor area in the closet.

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