Steam Carpet Cleaning in Palm Harbor, FL

Keeping Your Palm Harbor Home Fresh And Clean

We specialize in the cleaning of carpets, tile and grout as well as upholstery. When you choose Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning, you can expect a top-quality service in your Palm Harbor, FL home. We use only powerful truck mounted hot water carpet cleaning methods that are highly effective, they will quickly remove stains, spots, chewing gum and even wax from your carpet. Our deep-steam cleaning method will thoroughly disinfect the carpet in your Palm Harbor home or office. This method removes pet hair, dust mites and unpleasant bacteria. We use only non-toxic, environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning products. Although these products are safe for you, your family and pets, they cut through dirt quickly and effectively.

How water extraction, also know as steam cleaning is the best method to ensure a thorough clean and fast drying of carpets in your Palm Harbor home. Regretfully some cleaners still use solvents that can be harmful to your health. When you hire Green Tech for any carpet cleaning services; we will use only natural, environment safe products. At Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning we care about the health of our customers, and also about the health of our community. Our green carpet cleaning products will not cause any adverse effects, but they will still provide the same level of clean our customers have come to expect. They are extremely effective.

Fast Dry Time

At Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we believe that carpet cleaning is very important not just for the beauty of your Palm Harbor home, but also is very important for health of you and your family. Our tools, green cleaners and techniques provide the most deep and complete carpet cleaning possible. We use high heat, 220 degrees, the optimum pressure, which flushes soil from the carpet, in addition to powerful vacuum that removes 95% of the moisture. This vacuum system ensures that your carpets are not over wetted leading to very fast dry times. Your carpets in most instances are dry and ready to walk on within a few hours.

Keep the Carpet in your Palm Harbor Home will Clean and Fresh

Once we have removed all of the dirt and soil, we will deodorize the area, and make sure the room smells fresh. In next to no time, we guarantee that your carpet will be completely revitalized and refreshed. Also remember, that the cost of a professional carpet clean also makes good financial sense, when compared to the actual cost of replacing a carpet.

Are there Allergens in your Palm Harbor, Florida, Home?

Carpet, like clothes, becomes dirty on a regular basis, and need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Over time, grime and dirt build up in the fibers, giving it a faded, matted look. Also, the nap begins to lay down creating problem areas, also know as traffic lanes. Carpet also collect dust mites and dander from our own bodies and our pets. These encourage bacteria and other allergens. They have been know to create a range of health problems for you and your children, in particular asthma. So keep your carpet in your Palm Harbor looking attractive and keep it healthy with regular professional carpet cleanings.

Customer Review:
5 Star Review"Because our grandchildren often visit our home, we were worried about the dust and dander that was in our carpet. Our house is very clean, but we realzed without a professional cleaning we would not be able to remove these allergens with just a regular vacuuming. Ross also only used safe cleaners." - Joyce K., Palm Harbor, FL 34685
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