Steam Carpet Cleaning in New Port Richey, FL

Steam Carpet Cleaning, New Port Richey, FL

We guarantee that your carpets will receive the deepest cleaning possible using our truck mounted steam extraction.

Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning believes in providing superior results at an affordable price. We are a professional and reliable New Port Richey, Florida carpet cleaning company. Carpet Cleaning is essential in keeping your home odor-free and allergy-free by removing dirt, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens embedded in carpet fibers.

Whether you need your entire house cleaned or just a few rooms, we can customize our service to meet your needs, including tile and grout line cleaning. Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning dose more than give you a fast, basic cleaning. We only offer full service cleaning which keeps dirt and stains out of the carpet longer.

Benefits of our New Port Richey, Florida Carpet Cleaning methods:

Long Lasting Deep Clean:
Our carpet steam cleaning method, tools and technique extract all the dirt, grime and debris of 100% of your carpet yarns. Green Tech's system ensures your carpets stay cleaner longer. With our powerful truck mounted system that provide high heat, high pressure in combination with powerful vacuum extracts all the dirt and debris.

We Use Only Safe-Bio-Degradable Cleaning Solutions:
The green cleaning agents we use are designed for your particular carpet and rug fibers and are safe for you, your children and pets.

No Soil Attracting Residue Left in Your Carpets:
Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning uses a rinsing strokes to make sure no cleaning residue is left in your carpet yarns. This method ensures all the flushing out all the dirt, grime, and cleaning agents. This through method restores your matted traffic lanes to fluffy and soft carpet fibers. The removal of all soap residue with high heat, 220 degrees, makes your carpets stay cleaner longer.

Agitation of Cleaning Pre-spray:
This is an often overlooked step that is extremely important in the cleaning process. Once the pre-spray cleaning solution has been applied to the carpet, we then use carpet brush machine that gently works the cleaning solution deep into the filers of the carpet. We then allow dwell time for the solution to emulsify the soil.

Fast Drying Time:
Because of our deep extraction system, truck mounted equipment, we pick up 98% of the moisture. Only your carpet fibers are barely damp. With the use of carpet dryers the carpet in your New Port Richey, Florida home is dry and ready for use within a few hours.

Customer Review:
5 Star Review"We were surprised at how clean our carpets came out. Ross and his helper where there for a few hours, but when the left the carpet were sparkling! We plan on using them for grout cleaning in the spring." - Donna W., New Port Richey, FL 34656
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