Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom in your Palm Harbor, Florida Home

Cleaning a problem can become a major problem. As the bathroom is usually wet, which causes the grease to develop. But you do not have to worry, as this guide will help you to clean the bathroom in an efficient way. 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips, Palm Harbor, Florida

Bathroom Cleaning Tips, Palm Harbor, Florida

Shower curtains can also develop stains and odors without a proper cleaning. But each type of the shower curtains needs different treatment. Find out on how to treat your shower curtain according to its type in your Palm Harbor, Florida home.

AN IMMACULATE BATHROOM is a sure sign of the good housekeeper. Instructions have already been given for cleaning the walls and floors. Here is the rest of the story. Try to train your family to leave bathtub and basin clean after using them, and encourage cooperation by placing bathtub brush, cleaning sponge, and cleansers handy. Hot water, plus a good softener like trisodium phosphate or washing soda, swished with a long handled brush, makes light of this routine cleaning. For a thorough cleaning use whiting or a mild cleanser, plus your softener to remove scum. Detergents, too, do a pretty good job.

COARSE CLEANING POWDERS, aside from being difficult to rinse away completely, should not be used on porcelain enamel finishes. They etch it with fine scratches so that it becomes more and more difficult to clean. Old discolored tubs and basins can be improved in appearance by thorough scrubbing with a brush dipped in a paste made by adding hydrogen peroxide to cream of tartar.

TO REMOVE LIGHT IRON RUST STAINS from sink or tub rub them with a cut lemon in your Palm Harbor, Florida home. For stubborn stains use a 5 per cent solution of oxalic acid or a 10 per cent solution of hydrochloric acid, which you can get at a drugstore. Both of these substances are poisonous, so be very careful in using them and in storing them afterwards. If you have any cuts or scratches on your hands, wear rubber gloves. Apply the acid with a piece of soft cloth and rinse it away after several seconds. If it remains on the enamel too long, it will etch it. Blue stains caused by copper rust can sometimes be routed with ammonia and soapsuds. If this fails to work, try rubbing them with a little of the 5 per cent oxalic acid solution. Rinse the acid away thoroughly and promptly. Dripping water faucets cause these stains and they indicate that new washers are needed.

SHOWER CURTAINS today are available in so many different materials that, unless you saved the labels with “care” instructions, you might be doubtful about the proper way to clean them. But whatever the material always spread them out after showering. This speeds drying and discourages mildew stains and odors in your Palm Harbor, Florida home.

MILDEW STAINS ON DUCK SHOWER CURTAINS that are not commercially treated can be removed with household bleach. There are also packaged chemicals on the market than can be used to give the curtains a mildew proof finish. If you use them, follow the directions on the package exactly. Do not use them on clothing because the chemicals they contain are often irritating to the skin. Duck, a fine canvas material, is an old standby for shower curtains, and if you prefer this sturdy fabric look at the label when you buy. Some are especially treated for water and mildew resistance. Duck curtains can be machine-washed in hot suds and whitened with household bleach. Rinse them thoroughly and dry in the sun, if possible in your Palm Harbor, Florida home.

RUBBER CURTAINS and curtains of rubberized materials are washed with mild lukewarm suds made with either soap or synthetic detergent Work them around in the suds without rubbing or squeezing them, then rinse in cold water and put them back on the hooks to dry. You wouldn’t, naturally, iron a rubber curtain, but a rubberized fabric can be pressed with a warm iron while it is still damp, if you are fastidious about it.

PLASTIC AND PLASTIC-COATED SHOWER CURTAINS  in your Palm Harbor, Florida home should be spread out flat and washed with mild suds applied with a sponge. Rinse and re-hung them. Other shower curtains are made of water-resistant cottons, silks, and rayons. These are washed in mild lukewarm suds, rinsed in warm water, and either re-hung without pressing or ironed while they are damp, with a warm iron.

Clean the walls and floors of the bathroom using cleaning agents according to the type of the tiles that you put in the bathroom. Clean the bathtub and basin clean after using them. Rub a cut of lemon to remove light iron rust stains from the sink or tub. Mildew stain on duck shower curtains can easily be removed with household bleach. Rubber curtains can be washed with lukewarm water with soap or synthetic detergent. Plastic and plastic coated-shower curtains can be washed using mild suds in your Palm Harbor, Florida home.

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