Tile and Grout Cleaning, New Port Richy, FL

Professional Tile and Grout Line Cleaning in Your New Port Richey, Florida Home or Office.

In our New Port Richey, FL homes we love the look and functionally of tile, but the maintenance can be quite difficult. If the tiled surfaces in your home appear worn and dull it may be time for a professional cleaning. Grout discoloration is usually an indication of mold, mildew and algae growth in your ceramic tile surfaces and grout lines. You may be tired of scrubbing your grout and getting lack luster results. Its very possible that all of your cleaning effort may be that your are pushing the dirt further into your grout. This is a common problem that many homeowner’s face in using ineffective and possibly dangerous home store chemicals.

Green Tech Carpet and Tile Cleaning offers a professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning services in our New Port Richey, Florida service area. We will quickly and efficiently solve your cleaning problem without you having to lift a finger. Our high-pressure, high-heat and powerful truck mounted vacuum system will remove the bacteria and dirt that is found in your tile and grout. Our process will remove years of dirt and grime that have built up in your grout lines that you may not even be aware that is there. Our professional tile and grout cleaning process may save you the cost of replacing your tile. Many people have told us after using our service that they had forgotten how beautiful their tile was.

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