Green Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips

Green Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips

Here are some simple green eco-friendly cleaning tips and cleaning solutions. Simple, we only need 4 ingredients to clean most items in our home. Green and economical: distilled white vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon juice. All environmental friendly items will make up our cleaning kit for this green cleaning tip.

Green Eco-friendly Cleaning Kit

Glass and Mirror Cleaning
You don’t need the harsh cleaning ammonia based window cleaner such as Windex. With this cleaning tip we will use 4 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed in a quart sprayer. Keep the paper towels in the cupboard and use yesterday’s newspaper for a streak free shine. You can also use a lint free micro-fiber cleaning towel, old T-shirt or even a cloth diaper further reducing the waste stream.

Removing Offensive Odors
Use this simple green technique for keeping the air fresh smelling in all of your rooms. Keep small bowls of white distilled vinegar in each room. Vinegar will absorb mal-odor from the upholstered furniture and carpeting. Change the bowls each day until all the odor is removed.

Cleaning Vinyl Surfaces and Vinyl Upholstery.
Simply dip a micro-fiber cleaning cloth in lemon juice and rub it onto the stained area. This will help remove stains on vinyl. You can use this green eco-friendly cleaning tip on recliners or tile flooring.

Furniture Polish.
For this green cleaning solution we will mix 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon juice. Clean your furniture with a soft lint free cloth. This cleaning tip will leave your furniture with a great shine and the lemon will add a nice fragrance.

Furniture polish is high on the list of harsh chemicals that we have in our homes. This list also includes; drain cleaners, over cleaners, toilet cleaners, spot removers, silver and other metal polishes, cleaners and powered cleaners, window cleaners, bleach, and some other liquid detergents. We also have other articles that can show you how to reduce the use of these harmful chemicals in our homes.

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