De-Clutter Your Garage

De-Clutter Your Garage

One of the most overlooked and cluttered areas in our home is our garage. We tend to use this space as a catchall for everything else that we do not want to clutter the rest of our home. If you look around your garage you are sure to just about anything including boxes and rarely used tools. Your also to find outdoor sports equipment such as skis and bicycles, holiday ornaments. There are usually bags of clothing you can donate to a local charity.

Out of site, out of mind is the usual mantra for our garages and we tend to collect a lot of clutter. Wouldn’t it be great to use the garage for what it was intended for – parking your car. Also if a garage is un-cluttered it will become much more useful to you family for storage of frequently needed items.

A good approach for de-cluttering and organizing your garage is to set aside a weekend for the task. You may also want to plan around the weather and postpone if there is rain in the forecast.

First Step of the De-clutter Garage Project.
You first step is start with a clean slate and empty the garage for this de-clutter technique. As you begin to remove the clutter you should begin to organize by categories. Create pile such as sports equipment, holiday decorations, items to donate to local charity, items for the trash. The categories will be determined by the contents in your garage.

Once you have your clutter separated into their own piles, now is a good time to assess if any further clutter can be discarded. If they are broken or unusable dispose of them with your cities guidelines in mind. Paints and chemicals are considered hazardous waste and require special disposal methods. Check your town’s ordinances for proper disposal.

Now is a great time to look for items that could possibility be sold a garage sale. This will further reduce the amount of items in you garage for this de-clutter task.

Now that the garage is empty it should receive a cleaning. Your garage may not be this empty for a few more years so make sure to sweep, mop, dust empty shelves, and remove cobwebs from the ceiling corners.

Returning Items to Your De-cluttered Garage.
If you plan on parking your car in the future, now is the time to park you car in the garage and mark the space. Make sure that you account for access to the car by opening the doors and trunk and allowing ample room to get yourself and items in and out of the car. By taking this step now when you begin to return items back into the garage it will give you a better idea of how much storage space is left.

At this point take a few minutes with your family and draw a simple floor plan of what and where you plan on retuning items. Do you need additional shelves or other storage cabinets? Where is the best place to add these storage spaces? Put most accessed items in the most easy to reach areas and seasonal items in the least reachable areas.

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